Basic Essentials Needed For Kayaking And Health Benefits Of The Sport

    Imagine viewing the sunset along the horizon as you are surrounded by water, absorbing the serenity and the scenic view, the image of which will remain with you forever. Imagine another scenario where you and your partner are paddling on separate boards, feeling a sense of thrill and excitement as you approach rapids along the river. Imagine teaching your child how to stand on a paddleboard and watching the sheer joy and enthusiasm on his face as you enjoy in the waters on the board.

    All these views and activities are best enjoyed on a kayak hire Newcastle where you can go on a tour or seek a thrilling adventure. Kayaking is a great activity to be enjoyed especially in the summer months. Choose from one of the sup sales and head out to the waters with your partner, family and friends to enjoy the activity. Get surrounded by nature and appreciate the view and beauty of the surroundings.

    Let us first list the basic essentials that are needed for kayaking.

    Kayaking essentials

    Paddle or Oar
    The quality and type of oar will determine how much you enjoy kayaking either on the river or out in the sea. The paddle must be light in weight and easy to handle. The material should ideally be of carbon fiber glass, but there is a lot of variety available and the type of paddle will depend on the boats as well where you wish to go kayaking, either on quick rapids or the sea, for adventure rides or for recreational activities. Always remember to keep an extra paddle for emergencies.

    Personal Floatation Device
    This is also known as PFD and is essentially a life jacket that is a must to be worn by kayakers for life preservation.

    Wetsuit and helmet
    These are part of the kayaking gear necessary to keep you dry and safe. Usually, during the summer and for recreational kayaking you might not feel the need to be dressed up in a wet suit. But, you are surely going to get wet from water being splashed while paddling. Also, if you do get into the water, intentionally or accidentally, you would not want to freeze.

    Wet skirt
    This equipment helps to keep the water from entering into the kayak.
    Other essentials include a dry duffel bag, a rope and rope bag, and a knife.

    Health benefits of kayaking

    It boosts the cardiovascular health by raising the heart rate owing to the brisk movements which are made while paddling.

    It helps build stamina and also strengthens the core muscles that are the upper and lower abdominal muscles. The arms and shoulder muscles are also strengthened due to the paddling.

    It helps improve mental health too.

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